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DeKalb Area Schools at Home

Like many of you, the DASH board has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation. It is important to take this seriously and understand how it affects our families and neighbors. We learned today of the first Dekalb County case that is a staff member at the high school. In times like these, we encourage everyone to earnestly pray, aggressively resist fear and actively trust in the Lord. It is on this foundation that we will overcome and be strong witnesses to our neighbors and co-workers.

The DASH board takes very seriously the COVID-19 instructions from our Federal, State and Local officials. The DASH board strongly encourages homeschool classes, co-op's and all other events to comply with Governor Holcolmb's Executive orders.

DASH is a homeschool support group, based on the Judeo-Christian heritage of America, formed to serve the DeKalb County, Indiana area by encouraging individual families as they endeavor to develop good family relationships and increase their knowledge.

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DASH Statement of Faith

We Believe in the eternally existing God, Who was manifested in the flesh. As the Lord Jesus Christ, He died and rose again for our redemption. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, without error; the foundation upon which all life and education should be based.

To participate in a DASH sponsored activity, you need not agree with any of the above statement. You need only understand that this is the foundation from which the DASH Board will operate.